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 Scalable sales onboarding & training software that proves impact on revenue

Does this sound familiar?

You raised your Series C, you imagined growing extremely fast, making it rain with dozens of new sales reps who are crushing it in your sales organization.

But... you quickly realize the reality is your new reps weren’t ramping NEARLY as predicted. They COULDN’T deliver your pitch. They SUCKED at demoing the product. And, they’d quickly LOSE momentum. You cringe every time you see a tenured rep teach BAD HABITS to incoming go-getters, STUNTING your company’s potential at hitting targets.

As a Sales Enablement Manager, you whipped up the handy ol’ Google Sheets to create some consistency, but you realized there’s no accountability in reps getting onboarding done. Everyone goes through training content differently, and all the managers do their own thing.

Now you’re told that next month you’ll be adding five new reps. Seven the month after. Nine the month after that. And there’s no slowing down in sight.

What you thought would create consistency, didn’t deliver any. And now you’re tasked to scale, while also figuring out how to reduce overall ramp time of new sales hires.

We thought so...

Our CEO went through one of the top sales bootcamp at Salesforce. After completing it, he was left to shadow reps and figure out how to sell on his own. He tried connecting with top sales reps at the company - they wouldn’t give him the time of day. Frustrated, he knew there had to be a better way to learn how to sell, and obsessed about it.

So he created LevelJump.

Today, we help fast-growing SaaS companies ramp new sales hires and improve the performance of sales organizations by developing software that aligns sales training to outcomes in Salesforce.

We noticed a consistent problem with fast-growing SaaS companies… They kept hitting a wall with ramping their large groups of new sales hires. They needed their sales reps to hit the ground running but the reality was the onboarding experience made it  more like they were climbing a mountain.

Check out how other companies like Intelex, Confluent, and Allocadia scale a consistent onboarding and training process, helping them generate more revenue from their sales enablement efforts.

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Our Team


We're a scrappy team out of Toronto on a mission to de-risk every new sales hire. Building SaaS excellence and giving back to the community is in our core.

Giving back is at the core of our culture.

LevelJump is a proud member of the Canadian Upside Foundation as part of the Pledge 1% Movement. 


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