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Connor Hewson

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Digital marketing specialist at LevelJump, sports fanatic and ‘70s soft rock enthusiast. Formerly a digital content editor with Rogers Sportsnet and freelance content author with Huge Inc.
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Recent Posts

Adjusting On The Fly: Coaching Tips For That Inevitable Mid-Season Change

October 18, 2017 / by Connor Hewson posted in Sales Ongoing Training, Sales Coaching

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Ninth Inning Stretch: How to End the Deal Like an MLB Closer

October 16, 2017 / by Connor Hewson posted in Sales Enablement & Readiness, Sales Ongoing Training


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Batter Up: Why Your Sales Process Needs to Be Like a Baseball Swing, Not Golf

October 13, 2017 / by Connor Hewson posted in Sales Ongoing Training

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