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The Benefits of Video Training When Onboarding New Sales Reps

September 21, 2017 / by Daniel Hebert

The Benefits of Video Training When Onboarding New Sales Reps--.jpgWhen onboarding new sales reps, effective training is vital to maintaining a strong sales team. It’s well worth the effort to train your sales reps to feel welcome, learn the ropes, and to set them up for success.

Creating a comprehensive training program for your new hires may seem daunting but the ROI is unparalleled when the end results leave you with loyal and effective salespeople.

Onboarding new sales reps should be a dynamic and engaging experience. You want to inspire and encourage your new hires while providing them with content that will stick with them long-term. There’s no point in training new staff if they are going to promptly forget what you’re attempting to teach. In that sense, video training comes with a number of benefits. Read on to learn how incorporating video training into your sales rep training program will pay off:

1. Better Understanding and Comprehension

Running a group training session in person can leave some of your new hires out in the cold. In-person training may not be able to accommodate the questions your new hires have and moves along at the pace of the instructor. With effective video training your new sales reps can learn at their own pace with the ability to go back and re-watch, pause, or fast forward.

Videos leave all of your content at your sales reps’ fingertips; they can check in with a certain section to review it or re-watch something to increase their understanding. Increasing comprehension and access to training materials means your sales reps will always be in the know.

2. Consistency

Video training removes any of the elements of inconsistency that can plague in-person training sessions. You don’t have to worry about being “on” as a trainer, no pesky illnesses or scheduling conflicts can get in the way, and the delivery is completely controlled. Using multimedia in your training gives you confidence that each new hire is receiving the same, carefully curated material that will best prepare them to be a productive member of your sales team. Video maintains a high standard of practice throughout your company without your training being dependent on the merits or pitfalls of individual trainers.

3. Mobility

Video training is flexible! It can be delivered to a group of new sales reps or individuals can work through training modules at their own pace. If working remotely is an option for your sales team, training can easily be completed on-the-go. Booking a boardroom and getting everyone in there at the same time is a problem of the past; with video your staff have easy access to company policies, procedures, and tips for success.

4. Saves Your Company Money

Traditional training doesn’t come cheap. Companies spend thousands of dollars training a single staff member, largely due to the costs of the trainer’s time. It’s no wonder that effective training often falls by the wayside!

When using video you drastically cut costs by creating an engaging and consistent training module for your sales reps. Once you make the initial investment in producing your training modules you can continue to use the same materials until they need to be updated. Training that can be completed remotely takes less time for your new hires so they can quickly get down to work.

5. Video Training is in Demand

Think about it.  What would you rather do: scroll through and read countless pages of company policies and procedures or watch a dynamic video that takes less time and sticks in your mind? It’s a no brainer that your employees enjoy watching content rather than reading. Cater to your staff and reap the rewards by providing them with a dynamic onboarding experience through video.



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Daniel Hebert

Written by Daniel Hebert

Hey, I'm Daniel. I'm the Marketing Manager here at LevelJump. I've been helping B2B SaaS companies with creating marketing strategies that drive pipeline and revenue for 5+ years. Ask me any questions about marketing, lead generation, marketing & sales alignment, and sales enablement. If I wasn't a marketer, I'd be a chef!

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