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What Is Social Sales Enablement?

October 3, 2017 / by Daniel Hebert

What Is Social Sales Enablement--.jpgWhat makes your sales team run like a well-oiled machine? If you’re hard pressed to pinpoint how your sales team is effective, you may need to rethink your strategy.

It isn’t enough to give your sales team skills to boost sales, you also need to equip them with the right tools to increase your revenue.

Social media has taken the business world by storm and connected consumers with businesses in a new way. Customers crave personal interactions and the “inside-scoop” on companies. The addition of social media into the business world positions sales in a uniquely personal, yet removed territory. Customers may receive less face-to-face interaction but they see behind-the-scenes content on how companies operate.

As social media continues to make its way into the business world, how can sales teams take advantage of having quick access to analytics, interactions, and insights on customer habits that will boost sales? Let’s have a look at social sales enablement!

What Is Social Selling?

Social selling is a strategy that makes use of social media platforms to develop relationships with customers and drive sales. Your team uses social selling techniques if your sales reps use social media to interact directly with prospective customers or your marketing team develops engaging content to increase traffic on your social media pages.

While sales has always been a social act involving the relationship between a sales rep and their customer, social media complicates that relationship by changing the nature of that interaction. Selling via social media platforms involves sharing content with prospects about your product, answering consumer questions in a public forum, and responding to customers in a way that showcases your company’s culture.

If your business is looking to gain new customers from your social media presence, you can learn how to make the most from that interaction with social sales enablement.

What Is Social Sales Enablement?

Leveraging your social network connections to boost sales requires a different approach to sales. While social media platforms collect and store data and analytics that can prove useful to growing sales, social sales enablement empowers your reps by condensing that information in a meaningful way.

Having a centralized platform for your sales team can leverage the information that is gathered from social media platforms to increase sales. Social sales enablement can take the form of a tool that organizes and stores insights on customer data, internal company information, and organizational tools for your sales reps. Ideally, a sales enablement tool should be a one-stop shop for your busy sales reps.

Before selecting a platform, do your research to make sure you pick one that will best suit the needs of your sales reps. There’s no use investing in a platform that nobody will use! Consult with your staff first to find a solution that gives them what they need.

How Does It Benefit Me?

Social sales enablement allows your sales reps to work smarter and be more effective in today’s sales climate. With customers constantly on social media it is well worth it to make the most of those connections to boost sales. Sales enablement platforms give your reps access to a tool with which they can reach goals by providing them with quick and up-to-date information.

Working with your marketing department on social selling techniques is a great way to establish your business within the realm of social media. Marketing departments craft engaging and meaningful content that will encourage prospects to become loyal customers.

Creating an accessible platform allows your sales team to work as a well-connected unit, even if they are geographically dispersed. Social sales enablement connects your reps and creates a powerful selling tool that boosts revenue from 21st century consumers.

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Daniel Hebert

Written by Daniel Hebert

Hey, I'm Daniel. I'm the Marketing Manager here at LevelJump. I've been helping B2B SaaS companies with creating marketing strategies that drive pipeline and revenue for 5+ years. Ask me any questions about marketing, lead generation, marketing & sales alignment, and sales enablement. If I wasn't a marketer, I'd be a chef!

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