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Why Video Learning Is Key to Training Sales Reps

August 29, 2017 / by Daniel Hebert

Why Video Learning Is Key to Training Sales Reps.jpgMany companies do not give their sales team regular sales training because it can be costly and time consuming – two things that are a precious commodity in any business. However, by not giving your sales team regular training or exposing them to learning and career development opportunities you put them (and your business) at a disadvantage when it comes to selling.

This is why video learning is key to training sales reps: it gives your sales reps the education that they need to do their jobs well, without being a costly and time-consuming process.

Increase Access to Training

One of the benefits of using video learning to train sales reps is that it gives your team more access to sales training. No longer do they have to wait for a specific date to take a training course. They also don’t have to lose valuable selling time by sitting in a classroom all day getting lectured. With videos, learning is immediate. Your team can access it whenever they choose, and it puts them in charge of their education.

If they have a problem or a question they can turn to their videos immediately to find an answer. The videos are thus a relevant tool that they can use to help them succeed, and by extension, your company.

Help When Team Members Need It

At some point every sale team member struggles with selling. You’ll notice it in their sales numbers, and also in their attitude at work. It’s easy to see when a sales team member is frustrated and doesn’t know how to get out of their slump. What these team members need is some help, and with video learning you will be able to provide it for them immediately.

When a member of your team is struggling, you’ll be able to provide them with relevant content to help them learn better practices, or new ways of approaching a problem. All of this can be done in manageable bite size videos and gives them “just-in-time” access to knowledge to better their performance.

Onboard New Employees Faster

It’s always important when you hire new employees that they hit the ground running. This is challenging when a company doesn’t have regular sales training, or only does in-person sales training. With in-person sales training you have to wait until you have enough new employees to make it worth the money that you have to spend, and while you’re waiting you already hired new employees are left twiddling their thumbs.

All of these problems are eliminated when you switch to video learning. As soon as a new employee is hired you are able to get them started with sales training. This makes the onboarding process much faster and lets your new hires become a productive member of the team more quickly.

Real Time Collaboration

Video learning also allows your team to share videos and collaborate in real time. This means that if someone on the team has a question or a problem not only can they check the vast expanse of training videos they can also see what fellow team members have been looking at, and also what videos they have been making.

For example, you could have your star seller make a video of a call that they’re having and share it with the team, and the team can learn from it. Real time collaboration allows the team to grow together.

Variety of Topics

Another benefit of video learning is that your sales team will have access to videos covering a variety of topics, so no matter what they are selling, or where they are in the sales process there will be information readily available to them should they ever need it. This will give your sales team confidence as any situation they comes across they have the resources at their fingertips to help them succeed.

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Daniel Hebert

Written by Daniel Hebert

Hey, I'm Daniel. I'm the Marketing Manager here at LevelJump. I've been helping B2B SaaS companies with creating marketing strategies that drive pipeline and revenue for 5+ years. Ask me any questions about marketing, lead generation, marketing & sales alignment, and sales enablement. If I wasn't a marketer, I'd be a chef!

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